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We believe that DAOs will power the future of work. Through our network, we assembled a fellowship of the best builders, designers and hustlers in the space in order to make this future a reality. By selecting purpose driven proposals, and sharing resources, capital and collaboration tools, we can $SAVE your project money, and $SAVE the planet. We believe in Web3 and are here to build it, use it, and propagate it. The profits from our work will be used to fund impact development of open source tooling and other purpose driven Dao’s. We will share research from our experiments and open source our processes for the community to learn and build from.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." -Raid Guild


Dao Mechanic

Is your enterprise as broken as your spirit? Let us fix your web3 problems.

Cheaper Gas

Our Daos use xdai. A layer 2 stable coin that costs a fraction of Eth.


We will provide research, strategy and a premium plan for your fully integrated advocacy campaign.

Zero Waste

$ave money on your waste bill. Submit a Zero Waste Campaign proposal in our discord.

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We believe workers should be self-sovereign and able to work when, where and how they want, as long as they create high value output. We’re looking for top talent that can take things into their own hands and bring unique value to the dao (decentralized autonomous organization).


Learn from adepts in the arcane fields of web3, daos, and the alternative planb economy.


Dao 2 Dao Services. Get a clients, a team, and support for your web3 social enterprise.


By switching to a more sustainable system you build resiliency for yourself and others.

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